Cryptocurrency Hackers Arrested by Turkish Police

11 Cryptocurrency Hackers have been arrested by the Turkish Police department for stealing more than $80,000 worth Bitcoins. 

According to Turkish Newspaper Hurriyet, Total of 14 people have filed a complain that their cryptocurrency wallets have been hacked. Also, their Bitcoins have been transferred to some other wallets.

After this complain the police had started an investigation where a group of hackers had been a suspected. These hackers had taken Data of cryptocurrency wallets through which they had access to transfer the bitcoins.

A joint raid was conducted by the Harekat police and Istanbul police in multiple locations. In this raid, 11 people were detained one of them was released on condition of “judicial control” the rest 10 have been arrested.

In this raid, the police have found a number of devices like 18 cell phones and sim cards, 22 pen drives and others. Also, they have retrieved fake identity cards of the hackers.

These hackers have stolen Bitcoin worth a total of 437,000 Turkish lira ( $80,000 USD ). As soon they got the cryptocurrency they moved it to several different accounts to cover their tracks. But the suspects where caught by the police by tracking a new sim card registered with a cryptocurrency exchange. And the suspects tried to withdraw the money from the banks thus observing this the police has caught them.

Even we had seen in turkey, the crimes related to cryptocurrency are growing and the last time we saw how Turkcoin, the national cryptocurrency of Turkey has apparently turned out to be fraudulent.

Thus the cryptocurrency users in turkey need to given awareness by the government before getting trapped. Awareness always saves people not only by getting into fraud but also from getting hacked. Thus let’s see what actions does the government take against such crimes taking place.

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