Payment through crypto is perhaps becoming the global norm recently. One such example is France’s Financia Business School which is accepting the course fee in the form of crypto for its financial and blockchain technology courses.

The fact that using crypto as payment mode eliminates all third-party charges and helps in the speedy processing of the transactions has motivated the institutional authorities to introduce this feature.

Also, the majority of students enrolled in the course being foreign-based would enable them to transact in ease without having to pay any extra costs.

Students who are willing to pay through BTC can do so using Coin Capital, a startup specializing in digital assets and blockchain technology. The partnership of startup with Financia Business School has enabled hassle-free crypto payment process for students to register into the course.

Notably, crypto enthusiasts are getting real benefits out of this feature. For instance, Adam Hasib, a foreign student at the school, is an early adopter of cryptocurrency which helped him pay his tuition payments. He acquired his first BTC last year and grateful for being able to register with the school while getting added value on his digital currency investment.

Institution Support for Blockchain technologies

With growing global traction for emerging technologies like blockchain, Financia is ready to embrace them within their financial sector. Not just that, the institution is also planning to implement a chain of blockchain solutions to support the crypto payment facility.

Majorly, the plan includes launching a proof of concept around blockchain projects and introducing separate token which can be used for payment services within school and partner institutions.

It comes as no surprise that crypto adoption by Financia will aid them to enter in few of legacy institutions who have embraced blockchain technologies. Also, research in the U.S. last month shows that 9% of U.S. undergrads across the world have taken a blockchain-related class and 26% intend to.

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