Amidst the highly volatile market and regulations in the cryptocurrency space, there are few people in the world who believes in the fact that digital currency can change the way we think and interact in this world. One among such believers is Bill Miller, a Billionaire investor, founder, and CIO of Miller Value Partners.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the investor revealed his interest in bitcoin space and thinks that Bitcoin is the most stable cryptocurrency‘. He opines that, when compared to any other currency, bitcoin doesn’t fall to zero or brought down to its lowest value and explains it in the following manner,

“Most of them [cryptocurrencies] are probably worthless. Bitcoin is the most stable of the currencies. I think it has the greatest probability of being successful. There are others that people like, but that’s the only one I’m interested in.”

Bitcoin Much like a GOLD

Surely crypto boom is witnessing its monumental period, and as per Miller, all the top-ranked cryptocurrency can be viewed equivalent to Gold. Also mentions it as greatest assets of all time,

“I think that it’s an interesting technological experiment. Every day that it doesn’t blow up or get regulated to zero, what’s going to happen is that more money flows into the ecosystem.”

As mentioned earlier when compared to other currencies in the market Bitcoin has its own specialties  Other currencies might have a chance to become as low as zero. Also, he stressed the fact, the very advantages factor BTC or digital currency in general that it can be a medium of exchange when compared to a precious metal like gold.

Furthermore, Miller added that if Bitcoin was able to attain a third of the total market value of gold, then institutions like banks might become more interested in the asset.

Interestingly, other crypto investors like Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak views BTC as next-gen single global currency within the next decade.

What do you think of this statement by Bill Miller? Whether Bitcoin be stable currency? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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