Binance, one among the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world because of its quantity of trades. The Exchange will now allow its users to convert digital tokens into fiat currencies like the euro.

The business now has 9 million customers in comparison to over two million enrolled at the start of the year. Binance is growing despite the huge sale which has generated Bitcoin’s worth to drop over 50 percent this year.

Through its services starting in Malta, the exchange may enable its clients to trade with the euro by the end of this year, Zhao said to CNBC. In addition, he declared that they also intend to include other fiat currencies.

Binance is moving quickly to expand its service.

It has only been a couple of months past binance announced the launching of a brand new headquarters at Malta.

Several of the most common cryptocurrency exchange platforms just provide cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trading. Despite being subject to regulatory scrutiny, restrict the capacity of crypto to exchange in fiat money and draw cash. For Binance it is the very first time to supply you a real currency exchange, a measure that strives to build on its own rapid expansion.

Zhao said that Binance will soon receive an exchange permit to operate in Jersey, in the Channel Islands. Also, they have plans to start an office in the region that works with up to 100 workers. Binance is also in talks with banks and authorities in Taiwan.

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