It seems like medical professionals have finally recognized that people are getting addicted to cryptocurrencies. As a result, in a first, rehab center in Scotland is actually offering rehab courses to people who are suffering from cryptocurrency addiction.

The name of the hospital is Castle Craig Hospital. It is located in Peeblesshire. It will help the individuals to deal with the issues which are related to cryptocurrencies.

Behavioral addiction:

According to many of the experts, cryptocurrencies are becoming behavioral addictions. Since the cryptocurrencies are changing in price 24 hours, users have become addicted to cryptocurrencies. This is the reason why just like alcohol de-addiction programs, there is need to opt for the de-addiction programs for cryptocurrencies as well.

Currently, however, the hospital does not have the number of the peoples who are addicted to cryptocurrency. However, when you look at the global number of traders, it is well over 13 million. This clearly indicates that some of the people at least might be affected by cryptocurrency addiction.

According to a gambling therapist at the hospital, Chris Burn, high fluctuation in the price and the higher risk ensures that cryptocurrency addiction can become a real problem in the future. Both of these attributes actually attract gamblers. In addition to that, the trading in Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, is always on. This is another reason why this can be an addiction for some people.

Many people are trying to trade in cryptocurrency in order to make easy money. As a result, it is becoming really difficult for them to disassociate themselves from cryptocurrencies. This is where the addiction actually comes in. This is also the reason why such de-addiction courses are being launched as well.

It remains to be seen whether such de-addiction programs are actually successful or not. All will be dependent on the number of people who are suffering from this problem. If indeed, quite a few people are suffering from cryptocurrency addiction, this program will be a huge success. According to the hospital, first, the users will have to opt for the group therapy. Once they share their experiences, thereafter only individual treatments will be possible. It remains to be seen how successful the program actually is. One thing which is for sure is that the program is definitely gaining more and more eyeballs all over the world. It is the 1st such program for cryptocurrency addicts.

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