How would it be if you could make your music playlist global so everyone can hear it?. is an online platform operating a Global Playlist for music. if you would want to add your choice of music to Global Playlist then you need to pay a fraction of BCH.

How does it work?

  • Go to and there you can listen to a global playlist music and skip once which you don’t like.
  • To add your choice of the music video the video must be already on youtube. Then press the + on top and search for your music and select it.

Screenshot of Music Selection from

  • After you select it you will get a pop up with a Bitcoin Cash address.
  • You need to pay BCH to the address after that your music will be added to the global playlist.

When you pay to the above address with Bitcoin Cache (BCH), the video will be added to the play list immediately. the website says after you select the music

Users from all over the world can add music to the global playlist for a fraction of bitcoin cash (BCH). The best thing about this platform is that you can see the songs other users have chosen in real-time. Also, some of the funds are donated to the nonprofit organization called ‘eatBCH.’

The developer of the platform said that he created it to show the BCH community how easy it is to integrate and create cool BCH combined web applications.

I wanted to let people know that it is very easy to incorporate BCH into web services, so I created this. is an example of how easy it is to integrate BCH and to enjoy the music with the world. Let’s hope in coming days we will be seeing more apps doing this sort of work.

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