A law firm in Kearney, Nebraska in the US has been allowing its customers to pay in form of cryptocurrency.

According to Local news media, Bruner Frank Schumacher, L.L.C is a law firm situated in Kearney, Nebraska is now accepting cryptocurrency as payment. The firm says that it’s also easier for clients to pay in emergency situations.

Nathan Bruner, Managing Member of Bruner Frank Schumacher said that this idea he got due to the watching its cryptocurrency trending over the internet.

He also said,

“I think cryptocurrency is the next step in payment. It’s really easy to carry with you. It’s transportable across state and country lines. I think it’s easy to transact and move for people transferring money. It just provides limitless opportunities,”

Bruner is primarily using cryptocurrency to buy small goods online. He thinks that Providing Cryptocurrency payment option to clients will make their lives as easy as possible.

The firm is using Coinbase as the payment service and Bruner said its easy to link a bank account and credit card with the platform and deposit funds also be able to trade cryptocurrency.

Professor Allan Jenkins at the University of Nebraska said cryptocurrency is the best unit for exchange than fiat currency because it can be moved instantly because it’s over the internet. He added that Crypto will become popular in central Nebraska as more people will use it to trade.

If People are thinking to use cryptocurrency there are some risks with it as the value of cryptocurrency fluctuates more then dollar said, Jenkins. But this is a cutting edge of emerging technology and can have a lot of possibilities in the future.

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