Yet another cryptocurrency exchange house has started in India with an initiation to offer a large number of crypto trading services. In a recent announcement, Koinex is offering 23 different crypto-to-crypto trading pairs with almost zero fees.

The official site of exchange house stated earlier in last week that,

“We are going live with not just one or two crypto-crypto pairs; we are launching a total of 15 token pairs, all at the same time.This is the largest crypto-crypto pair offering by any Indian exchange and to add to this, the trading fees will be zero.”

Koinex trading price statistics

Followed by this, the exchange house made an announcement on Saturday night on adding 8 more crypto trading services. Furthermore, the Koinex gave details regarding revision in buyer and seller fees.“0.15% as seller fees and fixed buyer fees at 0.15% in INR currency”

In case of deposits in INR, two options are live now. Namely UPI and Netbanking with payment gateway 2 and a deposit fee of 1.18% for UPI and 2% for Netbanking.

As per statistics from Coinmarketcap, the total trading volume of exchange house accounts for approximately $5.5 million with 19 coins available for trading in Indian currency.

As mentioned above there are 23 crypto-to-crypto trading pairs offered by exchange house. Nine for bitcoin, six for ether and eight for ripple trading pairs.

For the first time in the crypto world, Koinex proudly presents XRP-based trading market with 8 XRP pairs going live tonight.

Apart from Koinex, the other big players in the Indian market such as Zebpay has also started providing crypto-to-crypto trading last week. But Zebpay is offering only ETH/BTC trading pair.

Although Reserve Bank of India(RBI) has banned all financial institutions from dealing in any Virtual currencies, the exchange houses in India continue to operate.

So readers, what do you think of this Koinex crypto-to-crypto trading? Let us know your thoughts in comment section below.

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