Saxo Bank, one of the largest FX and CFD trading platform in the world, has announced the launch of crypto trading in its platform with Bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin trading being opened up.

The first bank in the world that offers access to trading of over 40 cryptos within its platform is now giving you more options. Saxo Bank's new twist on cryptocurrency pairs, crypto FXs, guarantees up-to 2x leverage! So if Bitcoin just dropped by 3%, it would only take a 1% drop for your trade value to be worth twice what it was before but with less risk exposure!

This latest offering from Saxo Bank sets them apart as an industry leader when it comes to innovation and creativity. With these two features alone offered exclusively at this banking institution: Crypto FX Pairs which offer premium benefits including up-to 2x leveraged gains alongside reduced risk exposures.

Saxo clients can trade in pairs with the most volatility, like gold and crude oil. As of now these are only available for UK customers who qualify as professional traders or those that have a Saxo account designation of "retail." It is important to note they follow strict regulations which makes them more reliable than other platforms on the market today.

The Commercial Owner of Trader segment Saxo Bank, Stanislav Kostyukhin is in belief that -

"Saxo Bank has developed a unique proposition which gives our clients access to the growing crypto space in a flexible, secure and hassle-free manner from a single fully-licensed account without the need to use wallets or cold storage solutions. The offering sits at the intersection of traditional finance and crypto, which is where we see the market evolving as it draws the attention of retail traders and financial institutions.  

                                                                                                                                                   In a world where Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are often "in the news," we have built Crypto FX so that our clients can trade both long or short in order to take advantage of all this volatility while benefiting from more mature asset classes. This is because crypto has become an exciting new way for people to invest their money through trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin on exchanges with other types of currency pairs such as EUR/USD.                                                                                                                                                                                          CryptoFX combines traditional qualities associated with currencies paired alongside the excitement possibilities offered by cryptocurrency investing at large; doing away with one's need to make transactions between various different platforms or sites which also offers its own set of inherent risks - simply put: it just makes sense"

Cryptos are here to stay, and not just because of the increase in price for Bitcoin. More brokers and exchanges with regulatory approvals have begun to offer more cryptocurrenices as well. This trend has been fueled mainly by a rise in popularity among retail traders who grew intrigued when prices went up over two years ago - but now institutions like banks are also starting get interested too!

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