Post Oak Motor Cars an automobile dealership company announced that it will accept Bitcoin two weeks ago. However, as traders and the market is mature to transact using bitcoin, the dealership owner Tilman Fertitta found his first customer to purchased a Bentley using Bitcoin.

According to the local news report, Ken Bridge is the first person in the country to purchase a car using Bitcoin. Bridge is the owner of the group of restaurants in the city and a crypto enthusiast. He had bitcoins with these, he purchased a Bentley Continental GT.

“Blockchain and crypto are undoubtedly the technologies of the future, and I applaud Tilman for making massive strives in Bitcoin consumerism.” said Bridge

Bridge acquired his first Bitcoin when it’s cost was $648 USD and later he purchased others when its price was over $1,200 USD. Thus he states that his decision to invest in bitcoin years ago has cut a lot of costs while buying this car. And his costs would be much higher if he would purchase the car with cash.

The price of the Bentley purchased by Bridge is not disclosed. But the Bentley Continental GT model price goes from $220,000 to high as $330,000, it all depends upon the configuration of the models. But it was a great investment for Bridge because he purchased Bitcoin at a very early stage.

Bridge as a crypto enthusiast has also built a point-of-sale system in his restaurants using blockchain. This system is connected to an app where users can pay using in it and order food. Also, through this app, the users can earn some amount of Roobee Coin given as rewards. This coin can be used later to purchase services or food from the restaurant.

Last time we had looked at a hotel in Scotland is starting to accepting cryptocurrency payment for its stay and dining services. This shows us the hotels around the world are also interested in the growing cryptocurrency industry.

In Future, Bridge wants users to be able to trade Roobee Coin with cryptocurrency exchanges. And he mentions that still many people are not aware of the potential of cryptocurrency and its impact on the global markets. With the right awareness created it will influence the cryptocurrency industry to grow.

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