Recently, a French national accepted his guilt in US courts. He was guilty of selling narcotics and accepting Bitcoins as payments. The name of the culprit is Guy Vallerius. He operated under the username OxyMonster. He was arrested by the authorities in September last year. He was arrested at the Atlanta airport.

Authorities uncovered the identity using the trail of money:

Even though the culprit only accepted Bitcoin but it was not difficult for the authorities to trail the money. Since a long period of time, he was kept under surveillance. After that, it became easier for the authorities to track the money.

Moreover, this was just a tip of the iceberg. Authorities are now planning to use Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies in order to track even more criminals. If indeed that happens, you can be sure that the drug syndicate will be broken down quite easily. Also, the authorities tracked the Bitcoin address on which he received the funds from the customers. As a result, it became easier for the authorities to track the transactions.

He sold drugs like oxycodone and Ritalin to his customers. He used online marketplaces in order to sell the drugs. The reason why authorities were able to catch was most of his wallets in which you use to get money from the consumers sent Bitcoins to the same account at The account was in the name of Gal Vallerius. As a result, the authorities were able to easily track who was behind the scam.

It seems like finally, authorities are tracking the flow of cryptocurrencies in order to catch the criminals. This will ensure that the cryptocurrency usage by the criminals decreases significantly. When that happens, automatically the credibility of cryptocurrencies will increase. When the credibility of cryptocurrencies increases, it will become easier for more and more investors to trust cryptocurrencies. This is one of the main reasons why such a crackdown on criminal activity with the help of cryptocurrencies is actually necessary.

It remains to be seen whether, in the future, more authorities use the cryptocurrencies to track the transactions and to get to the culprits. This crackdown will certainly reduce the usage of cryptocurrency by the culprits which is welcome news for the genuine investors who are investing in cryptocurrency for a longer period of time. This will also stop money laundering activities with the help of cryptocurrency. All in all, it is positive news for all the legit cryptocurrency holders.

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