Cryptocurrency Instant Exchange

Cryptocurrency Instant Exchange is simple: exchange cryptocurrencies, No emails, no accounts. Everything from the website, immediately and at very reasonable prices.

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FAQ for Cryptocurrency Exchange

Is this wolfcone exchange?

Yes it is, But we are partnered with which provides all the transactions that take place here at wolfcone. API takes care of all the transactions. we introduced it here to facilitate the users to instantly exchange their cryptocurrencies.

How do i exchange my cryptocurrency?

Step 1 :- Select the cryptocurrency you want to Deposit.

Step 2 :- Select the cryptocurrency you want to Receive.

Step 3 :- Choose between Quick and Precise.

Step 4 :- Press continue.

Step 5 :- Enter the details of Destination Cryptocurrency address where you want to receive your cryptocurrency.

Step 6 :- Enter the details of your refund wallet address in case some technical issues occur.

Step 7 :- After you start transaction you will be given an address to which you need to send / deposit the cryptocurrency

Step 8 :- wait for the transaction to succeed and you will receive the cryptocurrency in your destination wallet address.

How do i track my transaction?

During your order, you will be provided with a transaction ID which you can save and keep and also search in the above transaction search bar to keep track of your transactions.

Difference between Quick and Precise?

In Quick, you don’t need to enter any amount and proceed and the amount which you send to the address will automatically be converted and exchanged with the cryptocurrency required and sent to your wallet.

In Precise, you have to enter the amount of cryptocurrency which you will be sending and you will be able to see the amount of cryptocurrency you will be receiving after the exchange takes place.

What to do if transaction is not processed or failed?

Wait for few hours to receive your cryptocurrency on the refund address provided if that does not help then Contact ShapeShiftthey will help you with your problem.