Jaipur police in India recently arrested a couple for cryptocurrency fraud. The couple has looted over 6000 people all over the country. They ran fake cryptocurrency scheme for investment.

The names of the accused are Pawan Thakur and Mridula Thakur and are originally from Uttar Pradesh. The complaint was first launched in front of the deputy commissioner of police, Ashok Gupta. The company did actually plunder around Rs. 90 lakhs. Thereafter, the TCP was asked to take action against the fraud couple.

The modus operandi of the couple was to attract people to invest in cryptocurrency. Then claim that they will be doubling up the money of the investors. On this basis, they were able to attract over 6000 different people. The amount which they duped made them earn several million dollars. However federal investigation is in process.

Digital marketing by the couple

The couple also marketed their investments game digitally. They also offered multilevel marketing schemes to the various investors. As a result, they were able to get a referral from the different investors as well. The number of gifts which were offered by them in order to lure newer members was plenty.

The list also includes expensive watches as well as many other luxuries to people who are able to bring in new members. Apparently, this brought 6000 people into the scheme.

As of now, the police are currently taking the help of the cyber experts in order to figure out how the money can be recovered. According to the police, this is just a single company. Many other companies are also running such a Ponzi scheme which is attracting a lot of investors to cryptocurrencies.

Most of the investors are not familiar with the process of investing in cryptocurrencies, which makes more vulnerable to fall into the trap. In many of the cases, such companies are just running a Ponzi scheme. As a result, sooner than later they will fold.

Well, the question remains to be seen whether the police is able to catch those fraud companies. For now, it seems like the couple is surely paying for their deed of duping thousands of people from all over the country.

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